Choosing the Right Amputee Patient Lifts

Choosing the Right Amputee Patient Lifts

If the patient can no longer move on his own, this can be a difficult situation for him and his caregivers. Using a patient lift is the best way to ensure a safe transfer for both the patient and the person moving them. In addition, they help patients maintain their dignity when they need help with things they can do on their own.

Patient lifts are not only used to move patients from one bed to another. The elevator is an essential device that caregivers may use several times a day, either to bathe patients or for orthopedic and toilet purposes. Elevators are available for each of these needs so that patients and caregivers are always as comfortable as possible. You can buy amputee slings for hoists via Lisclare.

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Perhaps the easiest option to use is an electric patient lift with simple controls and an emergency switch to quickly drop patients off when needed. It has a foot pedal which is very easy to use, especially when the lift is under a bed or other furniture. It has a powerful battery that can complete eighty to one hundred lifts before needing to be replaced, so caregivers no longer have to worry.

Of course, there are patients and nurses who prefer to use a hand lift over the electric option for a variety of reasons. The hydraulic patient hoist guard has a six-point swivel, which makes the patient as comfortable as possible during transport.

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