Few Tips For Scoring High In Words With Friends

Few Tips For Scoring High In Words With Friends

Most of the word game enthusiasts think that scrabble and words with friends are completely similar in terms of rules and board layout but they do have differences. Due to these dissimilarities the winning strategies differ hugely. So before mastering the two games, know the tips for making a high score and winning the game easily.

When playing words with friends, remember that you don’t have negative points for making a invalid word. So there is no harm in experimenting with new words when compared to Scrabble. In the process you can also improve your vocabulary. You can also use the scrabble helper tool for your help.

Scrabble doesn’t allow you to score more with letters as the objective or strategy in the game is to create the longest possible words for scoring big. This is not the case with its counterpart as in it for every letter you can get good points, if the right letter is placed on high scoring tiles. 

That is why you have to make use of the valuable letters on your rack and place them on good tiles for boosting your score. The board of scrabble merely makes it impossible to make a triple word and triple letter score in a single move, when compared to its counterpart. 

Hayden Powlett