Fruity Flavored Rum Cocktails For Parties

Fruity Flavored Rum Cocktails For Parties

Cocktails are a favorite of the season and many people experiment with different liqueurs and flavored juices or carbonated drinks. During this time, the fruits are deliciously soaked in alcohol, providing a flavor that leads to the unique taste of the alcoholic drink made with rum which can be used as the basis for fruit cocktails for your cocktails.

Several well-known cocktails are quite famous, such as Rum, Iced Tea, Beach Tea, Mojito, Watermelon Margarita, and Pina Colada. Other popular cocktails are Ciroc Chic, Planter, Punch, Hurricane, Tuscan Lemonade Smirnoff, and many more. 

You can also puree the fruit of your choice and add it to gin or rum as this complements the flavor of the cocktail and adds perfume to it. It also rounds and softens the "bite" in alcohol. 

You can buy different types of fruit pulp or, better yet, you can make your puree by beating the fresh fruit (seeds and skin removed) with a tablespoon of the sugar syrup until smooth. Many bartenders no longer use fresh fruit in their fruit cocktail recipes because of the time it takes to prepare them. They use canned fruit to stir and serve their drinks faster. 

However, using fresh fruit ensures your cocktail absorbs all the natural flavors and aromas that only fresh fruit can offer. Canned fruit contains preservatives and other chemicals you don't want in the perfect cocktail.

Hayden Powlett