How Does the Digital Freight Network Actually Work?

How Does the Digital Freight Network Actually Work?

Digital freight companies meet truck capacity demands from operators using mobile or web-based technology platforms mostly through app deployment. The app offers welcome relief to a world that used to rely heavily on “cargo boards” to match carriers.

Digital freight matching  enables truck drivers to instantly find drivers with the capacity to haul their trucks, less than truckload on the right date and route. You can plan and optimize your best digital freight network via

digital freight network

Suppliers get competitive and transparent pricing and can track transport and delivery details so they are always aware of the status of their shipments.

Some digital freight forwarders are taking this a step further and are starting to use their truck equipment pools to accelerate freight traffic and increase productivity across the transportation chain.

With this new service, truck drivers can pick up trailers that are already loaded with drinks, consumer goods, and other items, and then unload them at their destination. The process will save time. .

To achieve the speed and transparency needed to match drivers to their equipment-level loads, companies are investing in digital page management solutions that can speed up the loading process and provide accurate trailer location and real-time tracking information. 

The momentum around digital cargo matching continues as more shippers and carriers integrate digital technology into their supply chains. A move that will help warehouses, distribution centers, shipyards, and entire transportation networks become more efficient and productive.

Hayden Powlett