Know The Concept of Dual Citizenship in Phoenix

Know The Concept of Dual Citizenship in Phoenix

Dual citizenship is simply that a person is an official of two nations simultaneously. Each nation has its own rules regarding citizenship that are based on its policies. People can acquire dual citizenship through the operation of various laws of different countries, rather than through choice. 

The law on immigration in the US does not include dual citizenship or make it mandatory for a person to choose one or the other. If you're automatically granted different citizenship with the help of a reputable citizenship lawyer in Phoenix, you don't have to worry about losing your US citizenship. 

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If you obtain an international citizenship through applying, it is possible that you might end up losing you US citizenship. If you want to be able to renounce or lose the benefits of your US citizenship, as per law, you need to apply for the citizenship on your own with the intention to surrender your US citizenship.

The US government is aware that dual citizenship exists, however, it does not support it as a practice due to the potential problems that could arise. Other countries' claims on dual citizenship might be contrary to US laws. It could also hamper US efforts by the government to help people living abroad. 

Even though naturalized citizens have to take an oath to renounce prior allegiances to foreign countries, the oath has not been legally enforced prior to the actual expiration of citizenship. The country in which you, as a dual-national, generally has a greater claim to loyalty than the other nation.  

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