New Plastic-Free Bamboo Kitchen Towel In Australia

New Plastic-Free Bamboo Kitchen Towel In Australia

If you're a fan of our eco-friendly towels, then you're going to love the new plastic-free, 100% plastic-free kitchen towels designed for big cleaning tasks around the house. The luxurious 3-ply bamboo premium paper towels has a unique liquid barrier release, making it super absorbent, strong and durable – ideal for cleaning up spills on floors and kitchen countertops and even cleaning up awkward spots in bathrooms and showers. Bamboo paper packaging is 100% plastic-free and also recyclable.

Companies are passionate about producing high-quality products that help ensure healthy and living oceans for future generations by reducing plastic waste. As part of this commitment, they donate 25% of our profits to the poor society, which means that with every purchase of bamboo products, you are also helping to keep people safe.

On average, people use one kitchen roll per week, but busy households, extended families or those with pets may use more. You can buy bamboo kitchen towels in six or nine roll packs to suit your lifestyle, and our easy subscription service ensures we deliver your order exactly how you need it when you need it! Plus, when you become a customer and join the online community, 

Changing subscriptions is easy – you can even pause them when you go on vacation. You are in complete control.

Good for our oceans, good for the planet, and good for your household.

Hayden Powlett