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Habits of An Effective AWS Web Application Firewall

Layer 7 security has never been more important, especially when the world is getting cloudy. Startups and growth companies want to focus on growing and running their business without worrying about hosting and security.

This is where firewalls for web applications come into play. Today companies are looking for AWS bookings on platforms like Amazon Web Services.

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1. Proactive

Web application firewalls must not only protect existing vulnerabilities but must also actively seek out new ones. Of course, this means human intervention, where experts use Zero Day to quickly remove vulnerabilities before hackers can exploit them. Look for a firewall that allows the application layer to do this.

2. Adaptive

You need to keep in touch with security professionals to get updates on the latest attack trends. Many WAFs available in the market are closed to the real world. 

They act like boxes that work by ancient rules and don't want to listen to what's happening in the real world. Ideally, organizations should avoid any kind of robust security technology in the long run.

3. Distributed Disclaimer

There is absolutely no way to automatically prevent distributed service attacks. Attackers are constantly developing new ways to send zombie traffic, and machines really can't tell the difference from real traffic. Eventually, the server gets overloaded and crashes. 

Moving to the cloud saves a lot of resources, but the right firewall for AWS web applications can not only prevent data breaches but also keep your website inactive.