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Helping Children Sleep Better & Longer

Sleep is essential for a child's healthy cognitive and physical development. Your family is unique and you deserve advice tailored to your needs! Are you still pregnant or have a newborn under 4 months old? The Baby Sleep Magic App is extensive and will help you and your baby learn healthy sleep habits from the start. 

Sleep training facts:

– You can't sleep, exercise baby under 4 months

– Crying will not harm your baby

– Sleep supports brain and physical development

– When the baby sleeps well, the family's well-being increases

Sleep training creates or develops independent sleep habits for your child. Whether you're working on breaking sleep associations (like a pacifier), taking a nap, teaching your newborn healthy habits, or getting help pinpointing your sleep problem, my program has step-by-step instructions and the helpful tools you need to make it work. your child can sleep completely independently so you can get your nights back.

Myths About Sleep Training:

– Sleep is natural and cannot be learned

– Babies determine their own sleep schedule

– Kids will overcome bad sleep habits

– This is stressful and affects the parent-child bond

Many consultants offer downloadable comprehensive sleep instructions, questions and answers, and personalized sleep training plans so your child can sleep better and longer. This sleep guide creates healthy sleep habits for 0-3 year olds, so the whole family can sleep well and wake up rested for the day.