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A Steam Cleaner That Remove Chewing Gum Effortlessly

Yes, chewing gum is an annoying cleaning agent and often causes the surface to scratch incessantly, resulting in darkening. Everyone is afraid of doing tedious work, handling sticky substances in your carpet, and spending hours trying to get rid of them.

It’s no wonder some countries even ban chewing gum to save you the hassle of cleaning. With the advanced technology of steam cleaning machines, your gum removal days are almost over.  You can find more details about chewing gum remover via https://www.totallinemarking.co.uk/solution/chewing-gum-removal.

A Steam Cleaner That Remove Chewing Gum Effortlessly

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Some of these machines come with gum removal technology that allows you to clean your home efficiently and with ten times less effort than necessary.

Gum removal technology is cleaned in two important steps. First, they apply a very high level of heat to the surface to soften and melt the rubber. The heat can reach temperatures of up to 360 degrees. The next step is to extract the substance via the strong vacuum function and thereby clean the surface effectively.

Because the surface doesn’t need to be removed, it doesn’t cause darkening or damage. And the intense heat not only helps dissolve the sticky substance from the rubber, but it also disinfects your surface, kills 99.9% of all bacteria, and provides you with a germ-free environment.

The performance of rubber removal technology is further enhanced when you use a rubber eraser that reacts with extreme heat to remove the resin substance.

The versatility of this steam cleaning machine allows you to use it on all possible surfaces, namely concrete, brick, cement, granite, and carpet. Many public areas such as theaters, schools, stadiums, and subway stations use this gum removal technology to make cleaning easier.