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How Reliable Is Your Cloud Services Provider In Los Angeles?

More often than not, it's not the cloud itself which lets businesses down, it's the cloud provider, but can service providers realistically guarantee zero downtime?

There have been several high-profile cases of 'cloud failure' over the past few years, which have done little to enforce the public opinion of cloud reliability. However, what people often fail to acknowledge is that it's not the cloud which is unreliable, it's the cloud providers. You can get many services like Cloud Services in Los Angeles.

Such cases of cloud service failure should not deter people from using cloud services but instead, reinforce the need to employ the right provider. But even with the right provider, can zero downtime ever be guaranteed? With the following key ingredients in place, there's no reason why not.

Next-generation data centres

A cloud service provider should be making investments in the best, next-generation data centre technology, to deliver an uninterrupted service, which is able to grow with the customer over time. Data centre security should adhere to best practice standards, ideally with an ISO 27001 certification, and offer around-the-clock monitoring and support. Data centres which offer anything less are best avoided.

A proactively monitored network

All cloud services providers will claim to offer round-the-clock support, but unfortunately, not all can deliver that promise. It's essential that the core network is proactively monitored 24/7/365, to ensure unbroken access to data and applications when they're needed.