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A Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Lend A Helpful Hand In DWI Cases

It is essential that you cooperate with police enforcement officials and be polite If you are charged with a DWI case. Arguments with police officers or acting in any way won’t improve your situation or your case when you are before the judge. 

You’ll have a more pleasant judge’s experience if you’re attentive and quiet during the entire process. An experienced DWI & DUI Defense Attorney can help you and let you know how to behave in front of the judge in court.

DWI Lawyer

What happens if an officer asks if you have been drinking? In reality, you were stopped due to your driving behavior or something else visually abnormal with your vehicle. If you confess to drinking no matter if it was a single drink or four, this could give the officer a reason to conduct the DWI screening procedure. It’s not that you have to be honest, but giving false information could land you in trouble.

What is the right amount? Even if you’ve had only a “few” drinks the effects of alcohol impact each of us in different ways. If the police officer has reason to conduct an alcohol test that you do not pass, you’re then required to take a test to determine the blood alcohol content of your blood or BAC. 

Every state is different in its BAC laws, however, generally speaking, it’s anything over.08. Your blood alcohol levels are determined by the amount of alcohol you’ve consumed as well as the length of time to consume these drinks as well as your gender, weight, and the food you’ve consumed. The truth is that your BAC is affected from the moment you drink your first drink.

Be aware that no matter if you’re innocent whether or not you are guilty, you have to follow the rules and behave respectfully to the law.