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Red Sea Salts: Which Is Best For Your Tank?

Choosing the right salt for your aquarium is the key to your success. Red Sea Salt and Pro Coral Salt is a premium coral reef mix. So which one should you use? What Makes the Red Sea Salt First Class? The alkalinity of 8 or 12 dKH? How can you decide what is good for your corals?

The Red Sea is the world's leading premium reef salt brand for good reason. Or rather, for three good reasons:

The first is the origin of the salt, which is the Red Sea. Sodium chloride, the main component of the salt, is extracted from the pristine waters of the blooming coral reefs of the Red Sea. You can also buy red sea salt mix via Marine Depot.

These reefs are home to the world's largest variety of fish and corals with the highest density of coral reefs on the planet. Every grain in our salt contains traces of a living coral reef element.

Red sea salt is ideal for all types of reef aquariums. When combined with coral reef preservation recipes, red sea salt maximizes pigment saturation to bring out the most beautiful color of your corals and promote growth at twice its natural size.

The substantially increased base element content with alkalinity of 8 dKH makes it ideal for SPS-dominated mixed reefs.

What Is An Aquarium Chiller?

Most people who own an aquarium have heard of aquarium heaters. They are mainly used to regulate the temperature in the aquarium, especially if you live in a cooler climate or during the winter months. However, aquarium chillers are similar when it comes to regulating tank temperature.

However, it is used for owners living in warmer climates to cool the water. If you have an aquarium, you know the importance of regulating the tank temperature for the success of your fish's life. One way to do this is to use heating and cooling, depending on your climate and location. You can also look for jbj aquarium arctica titanium chiller 1/10 hp online.

The way an aquarium chiller works is to bring warmer water in the tank into the aquarium cooler and cool it by transferring heat and making the water cooler for the fish.

Here are some things to consider when looking for an aquarium cooler.

The Right Temperature For Your Fish:

As a suitable fish owner, you need to know the ideal living conditions for your fish, namely the water temperature. Unfortunately, many people are unfamiliar with this section and should check with their local pet store for more information. Knowing the right water temperature for your climate and type of fish is very important.

Finding The Temperature Range In Cold Weather:

Take the water temperature in the tank as it is now, takes that number, and subtract the temperature of the water in the tank. You will need this number to help you decide how to install an aquarium cooler.


Just like with any device or whatever you plug into your wall, you want to make sure that the aquarium cooler you choose is energy efficient as you will be using it a lot. Be sure to discuss this topic with your pet store staff.