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What Is Food Safety Certification?

Food safety includes the storage, preparation, and handling of food to prevent foodborne illness. The steps that are usually followed in food safety are avoiding food contamination, separating raw and cooked food, cooking food at the right temperature, storing food at the right temperature, and using clean water.

Diseases can be passed from person to person through food. You may need to obtain a Food Safety Certificate if you are a restaurant owner, restaurant manager, chef, or cook. You can also join a food certification class. To get more details about the food certification class you may check it here.

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Some states require that at least one person working in a catering company must have a food safety certification. Food safety courses and programs may be offered by certification bodies or by vocational schools and colleges.

There are many types of food safety certification, including those offered by state governments and those offered by the National Restaurant Association. Usually, you will need to take a food safety course from a legally accredited organization, college, or university.

Some schools offer their courses completely online. At the end of the course and after taking the exam, you will be awarded a professional food safety certificate, grocery store, or wholesale manager. 

Once you are certified and hired as a food safety manager by a restaurant, it is up to you to train and instruct your colleagues on proper food safety practices and codes. Government agencies and food inspectors regularly assess restaurants, so it's your job to make sure the restaurant complies with the health regulations necessary to stay in business.