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Improvement of Vehicle Operations in the Mining

Sometimes we get inquiries on how exactly Automatic Vehicle Identification solutions add value to mining. It is characterized by the complexity of operations in extreme environments, the biggest challenge for the mining industry is to enhance mining operations while also ensuring that safety is properly managed and secure. This is why there is a growing need from mining companies for security equipment and technologies to overcome this issue. 

In long-range identification solutions, companies provide systems for identifying employees, drivers, and vehicles from a few meters away. At gas and oil mining sites around the globe, innovative technology is utilized to boost the security, safety, and reliability of workflow processes. You can learn more about mining communications solutions via https://www.nltdigital.com/.

In this article, we'll highlight automated identification systems that work in extremely harsh and difficult mining conditions.

Control of access to the vehicle

Automated identification gives authorized vehicles speedy, convenient, and safe access to gates and reliable tracking in strategic locations on the mine site. Access control for vehicles typically requires drivers to stop and show an identification badge, which can result in congestion of traffic, risky situations, and insecure identification. 

Combining identification of driver and vehicle

The combination of identification of the vehicle and driver improves security, so you can know who was driving where, when, and in what vehicle. The simultaneous identification of the drivers and vehicles is an innovative solution that provides secure and easy accessibility to mining sites. This eliminates the need for drivers to get out from the car window to display their badges.