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Tips To Get the high quality LED Light Bulbs

As more people use LED light bulbs, the market is expanding tremendously. This makes it difficult to know what type of bulbs will work most efficiently and last the longest. To help you find the best possible LED light bulbs, here are some tips to help steer your purchase.

LED or Light emitting diode light bulbs is a new lighting technology. These light bulbs are good for the environment, safe, durable, and save much electricity. But one disadvantage of these LED Light Bulbs is that they are more expensive than the other old traditional light bulbs.

A light bulb is an electrical component that uses the energy supplied by an electric current to light up and make things visible. LED lights are known for their long lifespan, bright light, warm color temperature and accurate color rendering capability.

Lighting is everything when it comes to getting the right ambiance in any setting or room. Depending on your tastes, you can go for a classic look with a beautiful crystal chandelier, or embrace the trend of the day with trendy pendant light over your dining table. However, having replaced office bulbs recently, I have realized that lamps now use energy-efficient bulbs which have less impact on the environment. That is because LED lights are more durable and cost-effective than conventional lighting solutions. Though there are many benefits and features associated with LED lights, selecting the one that suits your needs is not easy.

5 Tips to Find the Best Quality LED Light Bulbs 

LED lights are quickly replacing incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, because they're more energy-efficient and last longer. But not all LED lights are created equal: Some cheaply made ones can flicker and dim, or worse, stop working completely in just a few months.

To find the best quality LED bulbs for your home, follow these tips:

1. Look for third-party certification

Certifications like UL (Underwriters Laboratories) or ETL (Energy Trust Lab) mean that a product has been tested by an independent organization to ensure it meets certain standards. These certifications also give you peace of mind that the bulb will work as advertised. So look for them when buying LED light bulbs.

2. Check the manufacturer's warranty

Some companies offer very generous warranties on their products — up to 25 years on some LED bulbs — so be sure to check before making a purchase decision. A longer warranty period gives greater confidence that you'll get good service from the company if something goes wrong with your bulb down the road.

3. Research the company behind the product 

Before making an investment in any company or product, research it online first. Read reviews about their products and see what people who have used them think about them. Check out their website and see if they offer any warranties or guarantees on their products before buying them. This will help reduce the risk of purchasing a low-quality product that doesn't work properly or breaks down quickly after purchase.

4. Check the Lumens

When shopping for LED light bulbs, pay attention to lumens. Lumens is a measure of how much visible light is produced by an LED bulb, so it's an easy way to compare different bulbs. A higher lumen count means brighter light output and better illumination in your home or office space.

5. Look for a high CRI (color rendering index) rating

CRI is a measure of how accurately a bulb renders color compared to natural sunlight. The higher the CRI rating, the better a bulb will display colors that are important to you, like reds, greens, and blues. For example, if you're using an LED bulb in your kitchen to cook with, it's important that you see the true color of food so that you know when it's cooked properly. If an LED bulb has a low CRI rating (below 80), you may have trouble seeing these important details that could lead to overcooked or undercooked meals.