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How A Lip Lift Surgery Can Make the Face Look Younger

With age, it’s typical that the upper lips appear thinner and more pronounced. This may result in a disproportionate look or a more aged appearance due to lips and noses being separated by a distance that expands. 

Through undergoing a lip lift that reduces the length of the lower lip, people are able to look more youthful with their facial proportions as well as fuller lips that are poutier. That’s why most of the women are searching online how is the lip lift performed? and what was the cost of this surgery, etc?

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When performing a lip lift the plastic surgeon for facial surgery will choose the form of the procedure before the operation in order to get the most attractive and appealing lips possible. Skin and muscle underneath that nose area are removed and then they are carefully sealed to ensure the most effective healing. The incisions are designed carefully and concealed within the creases or shadows between the nose and the upper lip, which means that they are hidden. 

A lip lift can take less than an hour to complete and can be done under local anesthetic, or deep sedation/twilight rest. Some patients choose to go under general anesthetic. The majority of patients are extremely well following the procedure and experience minor discomfort, which is relieved by a mild narcotic.