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The Symptoms of Menopause

Menopause is really a normal and natural progression as females get older and their menstrual period ends. It is often referred to as the ‘change of life’. It is generally around the age of 50, and varies from 45-55 years of age. Physiologically, the ovaries stop producing estrogen, which is the female hormone, that signifies the end of childbearing years and may result in a number of psychological and physical issues. When the output of estrogen ceases, the body reacts by turning off the reproductive system body parts and the women who have been through menopause can't have children. The body does need time and energy to get accustomed to these kinds of adjustments and you will find numerous typical symptoms while this takes place. The most prevalent symptoms are usually hot flushes, a pounding heart, disrupted sleep, loss of energy, loss of libido and putting on weight. These kind of signs or symptoms should be considered relatively normal and part of the cross over process that your body passes through, but they do fluctuate in seriousness with some females having little signs and symptoms and others experiencing fairly severe symptoms that need therapy. The end results of these signs and symptoms can be a possible higher risk for heart disease, but numerous studies have reached diverse conclusions. There's an increasing amount of the kind of cholesterol which may enhance the risk for a number of conditions with an increased amounts of fibrinogen that is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Osteoporosis is a very common result.

With the foot and lower limb the decreased levels of estrogen throughout menopause can result in a heightened risk of bone and joint injury with bone along with muscle wasting. There's an rise in the tightness of the tendons in the body. The postmenopausal osteoporosis will increase the danger for fractures and stress fractures with the feet, especially if there are increased levels of physical activity. There will also be issues with the balance that might enhance the risk for falls and result in injury and also fractures. The body weight gain that comes about in the course of menopause may lead to increased stress on the foot and several reports have documented a higher frequency of lesser foot health following being menopausal.

Psychologically during menopause there's an greater occurrence of despression symptoms, anxiousness, irritability, mood swings and also a loss of concentration. These menopausal symptoms usually continue for about 6-12 months in most females, although some women can experience all or some of the signs and symptoms as long as 5 years. If the signs and symptoms are problematic a common approach is hormone replacement therapy. This really is rather useful in reducing the higher risk for osteoporosis that postmenopausal females have and decrease additional signs and symptoms, mainly the hot flushes. There is a risk with being on hormonal replacement therapy with there being a a little greater risk for heart disease, stroke, blood clotting along with cancer of the breast. The risk is greater if the replacement therapy is began later, when the dose needed is increased along with the occurrence of other risk factors for the difficulties. The decision to go on HRT is going to have to become a choice made in discussion with a medical expert and weighing up the different risks in the individual.