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ECG Test – Analysis and Interpretation of Results

An electrocardiogram test, more commonly called an EKG test is an efficient test that will help you diagnose issues that are caused by the heart's electrical activity. You can also browse online to know about ECG patient simulator price.

ECG Patient Simulator Price - Cardiac Output Simulator

The EKG depicts the heart's electrical activity as an elongated trace on paper. The sounds (drops or cracks) which are visible on paper traced by the EKG are known as waves.

There is also the option of an ECG the patient's simulator which is an important tool that allows you to test accurately and evaluate the performance of your monitoring equipment and systems.

Why should you order an EKG exam?

Electrocardiogram tests are mostly utilized to:

Examine your heart's electrical activities.

Discuss the unintentional causes of chest pain. It could be caused by an attack on the heart or irritation of the sac that surrounds the heart or a blockage in a coronary artery.

* Determine the cause of the symptoms of heart disease.

Check to see if the heart wall isn't thick enough.

* Find out the efficacy of the medication prescribed for heart disease and check whether they trigger side consequences.

* Verify the function of implanted mechanical devices like B. Pacemaker etc.

Examine the health of your heart against the background of chronic illness or an infection in the body.

EKG results are typical – the heartbeats rhythmically generally between 60 to 100 beats per minute.

A typical ECG result that is the ECG is too slow (i.e. lower than 60 beats/second) or too rapid (i.e. greater than 100 beats per minute) and the wrong beat.