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Little Known Tip For Mixed Martial Arts To Become a Better Fighter

Mixed martial artists fighters are well aware of the importance of having a strong ground game and stand-up game. What else is essential? 

These MMA tips that you can read here can dramatically improve your fighting skills and are often overlooked. 

BALANCE. Very few fighters can achieve perfect balance. This is a huge advantage in fights. The misconception is that fighters will take down their opponent if they do so, it's likely that the fight will end on the floor. What about avoiding a takedown? 

Many don't think it's possible, so they focus on ground defense and balance instead. BJ Penn, for example, is a fighter who tries to stuff takedowns while balancing on one leg and avoids takedowns. Balance avoided takedowns would be a huge benefit to many fighters, particularly superior stand-up artists.

Also, balance is useful for taking strikes. Kicking and striking are known for throwing fighters off their center and ruining their entire fight strategy. Superior balance can negate this. This allows you to immediately reset in any position you are knocked into.

Offensive balance. Your striking and kicking can be greatly enhanced if you are able to remain balanced but loose in your stance. Many fighters separate their upper and lower bodies. They use their shoulders to throw punches and put their upper bodies behind their strikes. Their lower body is separated from the action, making it unbalanced and unbalanced.