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Root Canal Dentist – Know the Facts for This Procedure

Root canal treatment is used to restore and save a rotten tooth. The diseased nerves and pulp tissue are removed from the inside, and then the pulp chamber is perforated, cleaned, and closed inside. 

Here we discuss in brief about root canal dentist in Milford:

Root Canal Dentist - Know the Facts for This Procedure

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For anatomical purposes, the pulp chamber is the soft area in the canal where the nerves are located. It can be safely removed from the mouth as it is not very important for its function other than providing a feeling of heat and cold.

The nerves and pulp can be damaged due to tooth decay, cracks in the teeth, large fillings, or trauma to the face. The damaged nerve or pulp must then be removed as it will dissolve and bacteria will multiply in the pulp chamber. 

A regular dentist can perform this procedure, although sometimes the services of an endodontic specialist are used to treat problems with the tooth pulp or nerve roots. X-rays will be done to check the size of the ducts and to see if there is any infection. 

If there is no infection, the teeth are tightly closed. However, if an infection is found, medicine will be brought to the area and the dentist will wait a week or more to cover it up to make sure the infection is cured. 

Now that the process is described in more detail, you may find it easier to rest when you hear the practitioner say, "You need a root canal."