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Where To Buy Ebooks

There are a variety of sites to buy ebooks online, other than the Amazon Kindle Store. Here are the top online bookstores. If you're looking to purchase ebooks, you might be tempted to just go to Amazon and start browsing particularly if you have a Kindle.

But, you will get better deals as well as a greater variety of genres and diverse ebook formats at other online eBook stores. With that in mind, these are the top websites to buy ebooks.

 shop best ebook website

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Apple Books

Apple users should look into Apple Books (formerly known as iBooks). Users who are not Apple users should consider it an option. In contrast to Amazon Kindle, which has applications that are available on all popular operating systems, Apple Books is limited to Mac OS and iOS devices.


Smashwords is the largest publisher of free ebooks. It allows budding authors to publish their work at no cost and allows authors to be accepted into major bookstores and retailers.

From a reader standpoint, the library has more than 500,000 books available. According to the company, 70,000 of them are available for free.

Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble is the largest brick-and-mortar bookstore within the United States, with more than 600 retail stores. They also make the NOOK e-reader. Nooks are perhaps the most popular alternative to Kindle and are their biggest competitor on the market. Barnes and Noble ebook store includes over 3 million titles that are paid plus 1 million free eBooks.