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Muscle Therapy for Back, Shoulder and Knee Pain in Spokane

More than 90% of people experience body pains, including pain in the neck, back, shoulder, knee, and lower back. Poor body posture, such as excessive bending or sitting postures that can affect your neck and spine, are the main cause of structural-related pains.

There are many ways to treat structural aches, including medication and surgery. Muscle therapy in Spokane is one of the most effective methods to manage these pains. Physical therapy can be both passive or active.

Passive Physical Therapy

Passive therapy, as opposed to active therapy, are the processes that are done onto your body by physiotherapy without involving exercising.


Deep tissue massage is great for pain relief in the neck, back, and shoulders. It applies enough pressure to tissues to relieve pain and tension. Massage is ideal for simple conditions, especially those that are associated with poor posture.

To treat the root cause of the problem, it is essential to teach the patient how to maintain good posture to prevent future occurrences. Massaging is not recommended if the pains are severe. It may cause more discomfort.

Heat Therapy

The benefits of heat therapy for aching muscles are many. It relaxes muscles and increases blood circulation, which in turn delivers more nutrients and oxygen to the affected area. Although heat therapy cannot cure the cause of the pain, it can reduce the severity. The most effective heat therapy for shoulder and back pain is heat therapy.



Water is well-known to relieve pain. It simply relaxes muscles and massages the body. A water bath can help reduce structural discomfort, especially in the back and shoulders. Hydro-therapy machines can be used in conjunction with physiotherapists to relieve body aches.