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Is Your Stand Up Paddle Business Insured?

Now that the weather is warm enough to practice water sports, snowboarders will head out into the water to enjoy this fast-growing sport. The constant growth of rowing makes it an attractive small business to work with. Nearly 40% of participants sought training from experienced rowers and most rented equipment.

When giving rowing lessons or renting a paddleboard, don't neglect your insurance. Certified and non-certified rowing instructors as well as yoga and Pilates rowing instructors are eligible for our liability insurance program. You can also open a floating yoga studio on your own.

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This program provides protection against claims for personal injury liability, financial loss liability, personal injury and advertising damage liability, and legal fees for protection against such claims.

1. Equipment Protection – This in-house marine insurance product provides coverage for equipment and its contents to a limited extent.

2. Car Liability Insurance, Rented and Unattended – This liability insurance protects rental, leasing, and other non-owned vehicles that are operated by private training companies.

3. Enhanced Aggregate – This option increases the overall liability insurance limit from $ 1,000,000 to a larger amount.

If you're taking a customer out on the water – be it for a class or hosting an event – insurance is a must. Since custom insurance is our business, you can rest assured that our team understands your risks and provides you with the insurance you need.