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Importance Of An Effective Student Attendance Management System

Attendance is one of the most important elements in the administrative process in educational institutions. The proper attendance system not only contributes to the success of the students but also the institute. 

An automatic attendance tracking management system that is effective in classroom management improves student performance and enhances parental confidence in institute administration.

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Here are the reasons why it is important to have an effective system for managing student attendance

1. Proper Tracking of Students

By using a student management system such as ERP for studying, you automate the attendance system by integrating a biometric or RFID system. It helps to track student time in class which ultimately helps teachers to better measure student progress.

2. Improved student performance

With an automated classroom attendance management system, students and their parents receive real-time notifications via SMS or email when students are not present.

This not only increases parental participation in their children's academic activities but also motivates students to always make attendance sheets in class. This will increase student engagement in class and improve their results.

3. Save time for teachers

An effective attendance management system not only benefits students, but it also saves teachers time in daily attendance assessments.

With the student information system and attendance system, teachers do not need to manually maintain student attendance. It saves a lot of time to focus on students, develop better teaching methods and develop the institute further.