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The Benefits of Train Your Brain Training

Train your brain training is not tutoring. The goal is not to help you or your child recall specific information about algebra, U.S. history, or any other subject. Train your brain training is about making the brain stronger so you can learn more effectively, whatever you want or need to learn.

It focuses on improving the basic skills of thinking. These foundational skills include attention, memory, auditory and visual processing, logic and reasoning, and processing speed. Brain training can benefit people at any age. I have used it with children ranging from gifted and accelerated to those working below grade level.

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The training can have lasting benefits for children and teens with autism and Asperger’s. For adults, brain training can provide an edge at work. It can help seniors stay sharp. Some people associate brain training with rehabilitation for patients who have suffered head trauma or “head fog” following chemotherapy.

It’s helpful for those groups, too, but as a speech-language therapist with a focus in neuroscience, I’ve seen its uses go far beyond that. Independent research affirms my observations. A study found that after 14 brain training sessions adults in a cognitively trained group outperformed a control group five years later in the areas trained.

Brain training addresses several skills at one time. So even if your weaknesses are attention and memory, your brain training activities will also help strengthen your auditory and visual processing. Another key is intensity. Training is frequent. The activities get progressively more challenging because this intensity is what drives the dramatic changes in neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to change.