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How To Tell It’s Time To Call For Tree Removal Services

It is hard to say goodbye to the trees. After all, they bring so much joy and beauty to your landscape. You are not only a part of them but gravely dependent on them too. So, to chop off your favourite oak plant could bring tears to your eyes. But, as good things come to an end, so does your 'tall wooden friend'. 

Now, if tree removal in Baltimore County is your last resort, you should at least know the tell-a-tale signs of availing such services. To get more information about the best tree removal services in the Baltimore County area you can visit online sources.

After all, as a plant owner, you must be aware of such signs. So, take a look at some red flags that screams of calling an arborist:

tree removal services

Signs of infection

Symptoms like crown diebacks, splits & cracks, discoloured wood and visible signs of fungi growth are stark indicators that your tree is infected. Under such circumstances, putting down those degraded vegetation sounds like a good deal. There are other signs of dying plants as well like woodpeckers feeding heavily on it, unwanted pests going on an eating rampage and gaping holes on the trunk.

The plant isn't growing well

Take a good look at your favourite tree's health & vigour as compared to other plants around it. Do you see discoloured foliage & stunted growth or maybe thin foliage? These could mean serious trouble and needs to be inspected by a professional.

Large & dead branches in the wood 'crown'

There are numerous instances of 'widow-makers' cases that can cause serious havoc to your 'wooden friend'. If for a seemingly unknowing reason, these injuries rise above 50% or even more – you should most definitely be a call for tree removal in Baltimore County.

Trunk & root have been compromised

Root defects are quite common and noticeable, but thriving soil and fungi infestation near the base of the plant are alarming signs of root damage. Similarly, large gaping wounds on the tree trunk and dead stubs show symptoms of internal decay.