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Selecting A Secure Wireless Device And Operating System

Security considerations remain the single biggest limitation to the more aggressive roll-out of mobile devices in many organizations. It is crucial that companies consider device selection based on its inherent platform security capabilities, in particular around the security embedded within the device Operating System (OS).

Deployment of mobile or wireless access within organizations is growing at an accelerating rate. Hence to charge such wireless devices the use of wireless products like uts 1 wireless mount has increased.

This has been achieved through a number of factors including attractive pricing, faster, less costly, and a more reliable wireless network, which are being continually deployed over wider areas.

Add to this the now abundant range of business functions and applications and it's easy to understand the take-up.

However, for the more alert organization, there is uncertainty or an inherent fear of data loss and leakage, specifically those with regulatory compliance or enhanced security requirements (e.g., financial, insurance, investment, legal, and public sector).

Such organizations cannot afford to deploy anything that could compromise their data or records security or prevent them from meeting such regulatory compliance. Mobile devices are easily misplaced or stolen, this represents a risk that while real, can be managed with proper planning and foresight.

The first and most important decision a company can make in ensuring a safer mobile working environment for both end-user and business is to select a device that exhibits high levels of inherent security.

As in life, not all devices were created equal, it is imperative that companies evaluate devices based on their intrinsic platform security capability, particularly around the security embedded within the device Operating System (OS).