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How To Store Your Wine In Toronto?

Building a Wine Collection takes considerable time, money, and effort. And, climate-controlled wine storage is an essential aspect without which your precious bottles may lose their taste and market value over time.

So how do you store wine under optimal conditions? And, is creating a wine storage facility on your own an easy process?

These pointers will help you design the perfect wine storage for your collection.

1. Use a wine refrigerator, not a regular fridge

If you want to store wine for long periods, you need to invest in a wine refrigerator. It maintains steady humidity levels and a constant temperature level of 10 to 15˚C (50 to 59˚F).

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2. Store at the right temperature

But in practice, most wines have different needs. For example, red wine needs to be stored at 12 to 19˚C (53 to 66 ˚F) while champagne needs cooler temperature zones.

Plus, too many temperature fluctuations can ruin your wine. So avoid taking it out of storage too often to allow it to remain at a constant temperature.

3. Store the bottles horizontally

Store your corked bottles horizontally to keep the corks moist. This will also prevent oxygen from getting into the bottle. If you have a large collection, horizontal wine holders will also save you a lot of storage space! However, if your bottle caps are made up of metal or plastic, you may store them as you wish to.

4.Maintain the right humidity

Starting from as early as 6000 BC, wine lovers have been known to find intriguing places to store their treasured wines – in terracotta jugs underground, in a wine cave, or in underground wine rooms. A modern wine cellar may not be as dramatic, but it also recreates similar storage conditions, including maintaining an optimal humidity level.

If you live in a dry region, keeping a pan of water or sprinkling your cellar floor with a little water will help. But if you live in high humidity regions, you might want to invest in dehumidifiers.

Designing and building a wine storage facility for a large wine collection is both complicated and expensive. Without the storage conditions, you’ll potentially damage your wine’s taste and value, ruining your entire investment.