Tips for Choosing the Right Estate Planning Attorney in Arizona for You

Tips for Choosing the Right Estate Planning Attorney in Arizona for You

A proper estate plan helps lighten the burden on your family in the event of your mental or physical absence. An “estate plan” does more than guarantee property transfer, it provides a roadmap for loved ones and family so they are taken care of and ensure your wishes are honoured.

Choosing an attorney to represent you is obviously an important task. If If you or someone you know is interested in an estate planning lawyer in Arizona visit

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Below are some tips to choose the best estate planning attorney:

1. Does the Attorney Focus on Estate Planning?

There are many attorneys that say that they do estate planning. And of course, there are many that do. The real question to ask however is “do they practice exclusively in this area of the law”? The benefit to this is that the attorney is much more likely to be abreast of the current law and issues that surround that practice area. They are also more likely to correctly identify areas that could be problems down the road if the proper planning is not done.

2. Get a Referral from an Attorney or Other Advisor

Get a referral from another attorney, financial advisor or CPA whom you know. He or she will probably know someone that is a good estate planning attorney and specializes in this area of the law.

3. Beware of Internet Directories

Beware of internet “directories” promising to get you a qualified lawyer. We get solicited almost daily from companies who offer to place us in their directories for a hefty fee. Most of these “directories of specialists” are a joke because they are simply like a yellow pages ad on the internet. If you are going to vet out an attorney online, use sites that are third-party verified.

We hope you found these tips on choosing the right estate planning attorney for you helpful. So what are you waiting for? Just search online.

Hayden Powlett