Types Of Medical Device Patents

Types Of Medical Device Patents

In the last few years, Companies have witnessed greater advancements in medical technology, especially due to the rise of mobile medical devices–a trend that has exploded because of the COVID pandemic.

With the constant advancements in technology and science medical device prototype designers and makers are in a good position to create more new products that can save more lives, and result in more accurate diagnosis, improved treatment, and improved overall treatment for patients.

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Patents on medical devices stop others from using, making your invention, or even importing it. Patents provide you with an edge in the marketplace while also providing you with the financial rewards of your unique, innovative medical device. However, the patent world is complex and difficult to navigate.

Types of patents on medical devices prototype:

Utility patents: Also known as a non-provisional patent the utility patent is the most popular kind than a medical device patent. It is primarily focused on how the device functions. It is responsible for the majority of patents granted through the U.S. government, the utility patent is a patent that covers the invention of a useful process, the product machine, technology, or other.

Patent for design: As the name suggests, this kind of patent on medical devices safeguards the appearance or design that your device has. The term “design patent” refers to the original, unique, or decorative design for a medical device, which could be the form of the device, general features appearances, user interfaces, or even the appearance that the device’s touchscreen.

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