Water Conflict Management Concept – Alternative Solutions to Disputes

Water Conflict Management Concept – Alternative Solutions to Disputes

The field of conflict management and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) has brought new ideas to negotiation and significantly. It has enriched the theory and practice of assisted negotiation, moderation and mediation. You can now get water rights mediation services to cope up with the situation. 

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It has additional practical tools for diagnosing the causes of conflicts and for linking diagnoses with ADR methods. The ADR field codifies a new language of interest-based negotiation. 

And most of this knowledge comes from the case of the environment and natural resources. Much of the ADR literature includes functions written by mediators or negotiators themselves for their own work, case studies by external observers, and an increasing proportion of theoretical functions.

An important difference in ADR is that between distributive negotiation (also zero amount or loss of profit) – negotiation of a certain amount in which one party suffers a loss for the other, and integrative negotiation (positive amount or loss of profit), in and decisions to help everyone. Completion of a cooperation agreement can be an integrative negotiation goal.

It depends on the identification of the values and pursuits that underlie the position; Use these interests as building blocks for lasting deals; Diagnosing the causes of conflict and designing appropriate processes; and a focus on procedural and psychological events, both satisfying and essentially satisfying. Negotiation, or negotiation based on interests, is the preferred method of achieving this.

Hayden Powlett