What Are the Features of a Persian Rug?

What Are the Features of a Persian Rug?

There are various types of carpets, some are cheap and some are expensive. Some are antique and some are made by different manufacturers in different countries. Since different carpets differ in design and properties, they also differ in price. 

However, there is one rug that attracts more buyers simply because it comes from a particular location. These are known as Persian rugs. 

Persian rugs are well known among all types of rugs for their intricate designs and special features not found in other rugs. You can buy beautiful Persian rugs in Melbourne from numerous online resources.

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Persian rugs are usually made by hand. In fact, these carpets became quite famous when no machines were used to make carpets. Although these rugs are usually made in Persia (now Iran), countries like  Afghanistan, Turkey, and Pakistan are also quite famous for making Persian rugs.

Persian rugs are very different from other rugs. Obviously, there are several reasons for this. They are usually made by experts who use components such as silk, wool, and cotton to make Persian rugs. 

All components used to make this carpet are usually made of good and high-quality materials. They usually boast designs of some historical monuments or depictions of some flowers or birds, etc.

Due to the immense popularity of carpets, they are still produced today. However, nowadays, people or carpet makers do not use their hands to make carpets. In fact, they are used with the help of machines. 

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